A Note to my Quilt Guilt

Sometimes it just takes a while to finish a quilt. This is something that I have come to accept over time. It wasn't easy though, because when I first started sewing I had this mantra that I should finish a project before starting a new one. I felt that this was the most efficient way of working. And for some time it worked really well. And then it suddenly didn't, because I got stressed.

We all know the lecture children get from their parents when they start too many projects at once, but never finish what they started. While this serves an educational purpose for children I am not sure it is optimal for adults. Our brains are made to handle several things at once and we need variety to keep our brains creative center going, so why not start a new project despite not having finished the last one?

Some quilts have been known to take years to finish. Not becuse they were difficult to sew, but because the maker simply didn't feel like working on it. And that is perfectly fine. Quilting is supposed to bring you happiness and pleasure and not guilt and stress over working on something that you don't want to work on.

This is a part of a quilt that is still on my design wall. The squares are not yet sewn together and the pattern keeps changing. I have been working on this project for about half a year now and every now and again I ignore it completely to work on other things. I know that I will finish it eventually, and I am looking forward to that, but for now I am taking my time.

I made it a rule for myself not to make quilting a chore and therefore I do not have to feel guilty if I abandon a project for a little while to work on something that is more interesting. And that is perfectly ok!

Just find a proper place to store your project and leave it there until you feel like working on it again. If you never feel like working on it again consider giving it to someone who wants to.

After all the best quilts are the ones that were made with passion and love.