About The Mad Patcher

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Already thinking about the next project...

I quilt, I sew, I do embroidery and everything in between. I love being creative. If I don’t get to sew my fingers start tingling in a curious way. I embrace this obsession. I sew for fun and love to try new things. Just like everyone else I fail sometimes, but when I do I just get back on the horse and give it another try. I learn from my mistakes and get better with every project I create. I especially enjoy quilting, which is why my design wall is always covered with a new work in progress.

Handmade things are a wonderful way of adding beauty to this world. We live in a time, where mass-produced goods are the norm and it can be difficult to stand out. I try to integrate my values into every aspect of my life. Therefore most of my projects are made with evironmentally friendly, recycled, high quality and vegan materials. 


Say Hello to my Work Space

Here I spend most of my free time - unless I am knitting, then I am in my grandma chair. 
I share my sewing space with the living room, but everything I need is within an arm's length. Have a look...